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Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach,
Certified Fitness Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist

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Our Ultimate Transformation coaching program is great for you if…

- You are lacking motivation, organization, or consistency?

- You feel stuck 

- You want to stop over-eating and junk food snacking 

- You want to handle your stress once and for all

- You want to stop negative self-talk

- You want to exercise, enjoy it and not get bored

- You need accountability


The Ultimate Transformation
includes all three pillars:


  • Taking a look in the mirror to truly identify your mindset.
  • Making changes to your mindset for a long-term transformation.
  • Identifying your goals, what do you want out of life, what’s keeping you stuck, and using tools to get you unstuck until you master positive mindset.
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  • Identifying how to help your body help you through mindful eating and targeted supplementation.
  • Approaching cravings with curiosity instead of judgement to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.
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  • Mindful movement to help your body help you.
  • Fitness training based on your goals, limitations, and health conditions.
  • Providing individual, group, and subscription-based workouts for all stages.
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"Nadya has been a great life coach! I am currently on week 7 of the 90 Day life transformation and it has worked beyond my expectations! If you listen to her advise and are honest with yourself you will achieve great results." - Kevin C.


"My individual PT sessions and the group classes with Nadya are highlights of my week. I'm grateful to have a stronger and more resilient body to motor around in! :-)" - Bob F.


"I am really loving low-impact classes offered by "Coaching by Nadya" as they work really well for me. They're well-structured, paced, and fit for any level of fitness. I personally need this kind of accountability so I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make good health choices for themselves." - Oksana B.


"I shared my experience with Nadya about my struggles of losing weight and she in turn shared with me a wonderful experience. I joined her and a text group for a 7 Day Cleanse. It was simple and I didn't experience any hunger throughout the seven days. We continue to encourage each other via text messages and share our progress, what we were eating and photos of the healthy foods we were preparing. After the seven days we all shared our results and I had magically lost 10 pounds. I felt a lot more energy no more bloating or constipation which had been struggles I had experienced with the weight gain that I had. Thank you Nadia for listening to me and sharing Shaklee products :-) now I'm on to the my next adventure the 5 day kickstart to continue losing weight." - Karla T.

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